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General Information


In 2016 the BRITE-Constellation mission is operational for more than two years. Several hundreds of bright stars of various types have been observed successfully in the two BRITE filters.

The goals of the Second BRITE-Constellation Science Conference are:
- to bring together the scientific community interested in BRITE-Constellation,
- to provide an update on the status of the mission,
- to show and discuss latest scientific results,
- to share experiences with the data,
- to illustrate successful cooperations between professional and amateur ground-based observers and BRITE scientists, and
- to explore new ideas for future BRITE-Constellation observations.


The conference venue is the Madonnensaal in the Campus Universitätsstrasse - Theologie (Karl-Rahner-Platz 3, 2nd floor - accessible via stairs and elevator), located in the centre of Innsbruck.

The meeting will run from 9am - 6pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and from 9am - 3pm (TBD) on Wednesday, with breaks for tea/coffee (provided) and lunch. Please note that on Friday August 26 only the BRITE-Constellation Executive Science Team (BEST) will hold its in-camera session with restricted participation!



Stefan Gössl
Thomas Kallinger (Vienna)
Matthias Kondrak
Rainer Kuschnig (Vienna)
Norbert Przybilla
Stefanie Unterguggenberger
Werner W. Weiss (Vienna)
Konstanze Zwintz (Chair)


Coralie Neiner
Artie Hatzes
Dietrich Baade
Thomas Kallinger
Ennio Poretti
Norbert Przybilla
Hiromoto Shibahashi
Konstanze Zwintz (Chair)
Contact: Konstanze Zwintz Institute for Astro and Particle Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria