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The five BRITE-Constellation nano-satellites are measuring low-level oscillations and temperature variations in stars mostly brighter than 4th mag in order to study stellar pulsations, spots on the stellar surface, and granulation, detect planets around massive stars, and enlarge the base of proven constant photometric standard stars.

Pictures from the conference:

Conference Picture: Download here (jpg)

Pictures of the hike thankfully provided by Milena Ratajczak: Download here (zip file)

Proceedings Information:

We will publish the proceedings in the journal Proceedings of the Polish Astronomical Society. The latest Latex package can be downloaded below. Please use only this version for the preparation of our proceedings!
Download Latex package

The BRITE Executive Science Team (BEST) has decided to allow
8 pages for invited reviews,
6 pages for contributed talks, and
2 pages for posters.

Color-figures are possible, but costly. So, please only use them if a B/W illustration of your figures is absolutely impossible. The editors - Greg Stachowski, Ennio Poretti and Jaymie Matthews - will check for this and ask you to re-do colored plots that can also be done in B/W.

Deadline for submission is October 14, 2016

Please send your latex file, the files of your figures and the pdf file of your contribution by email to!

Conference Poster:

Download Conference Poster

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A3 format

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Contact: Konstanze Zwintz Institute for Astro and Particle Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria