Welcome to the Homepage of Ralf Kissmann

I am an astro-(particle)-physicist working at the Institute for Astro- and Particle Physics at Innsbruck University. My scientific interests are in the modelling of different astrophysical systems. In particular I am working on
  • Numerical simulations of cosmic ray transport in the Galaxy
  • Numerical modelling of astrophysical fluids
  • The combination of the above topics in a single simulation framework
As an assistant professor I am also involved in the teaching at Innsbruck University: I am giving different courses at the faculty of mathematics, computer science and physics. Apart from that I continuously offer different topics for Bachelor or Master students. If you are interested in working on a thesis in our group, please contact me directly.
This homepage offers a brief glimps into my reasearch interests and into opportinuties for students at our astro-particle physics group. Be aware, however, that this site is currently still under construction.