My Hobbies

  One of my favorite hobbies is collecting leaves and  
  flowers of different colours and shapes, especially

  in autumn, when there is a lot of variety, then put
  them carefully between the pages of books, wait
  patiently until they are well dry and finally use them

  to make some composition. I really have a lot of
  fun with every step of this process (except for the waiting phase...)!
         leaves1 leaves2
  Another thing I like a lot is making photos.
  I should mention that the number of photos I'm taking
  everywhere and in any circumstance, has increased
  amazingly in the last few months, after I bought a digital
  So, if you are curious and are thinking of having a break,
  you can have a look at the links below.
  Don't expect to find the photos organized in some nice,
  original way... I'm too lazy for that ;-)

  Nature     Clouds      Sky     Pets    Institute's hike on June 2004
     Arqua` Petrarca in June 04

 Asiago Observatory    Padova   Innsbruck   Innsbruck in autumn  

  Crete in Aug. 04   Cambridge in Sept. 04   London in Sept. 04    Prague in Sept. 04  

  Nice Harbour, Oct. 04   Marseille Harbour, Oct. 04

  And for those who are curious to see my office, the institute where
  it is located and the immediate surroundings, or want to have a
  look at my parent's home in Italy (which I visit quite often),  or meet
  some of my friends, here they are:
                  my office          my home     Wedding of Arianna & Luciano

All photos in my homepage are © by Sonia Giovanna Temporin