Sonia Giovanna Temporin

Since January 2009 I am back at the Institute of Astro- and Particle Physics of Innsbruck  after one year spent at the INAF - Brera Astronomical Observatory,  

and two years spent at the Service d'Astrophysique, CEA Saclay.

Current working fields

Main scientific interests

  • Compact Groups of Galaxies and Interacting Galaxies   (see, e.g.)
  • Photometry and Spectroscopy of Galaxies in the Zone of Avoidance
  • Active Galactic Nuclei (optical spectroscopy) Comet Machholz Q2
  • Additional fields
  • Linux system management
  • CV

    Posters & Preprints
    PhD Thesis
    Hobbies (and photos)

    Current address

                                                     Sonia Giovanna Temporin
                                                     Institute of Astro- and Particle Physics
                                                     University of Innsbruck
                                                     Technikerstrasse 25
                                                     A-6020 Innsbruck
                                          Tel:Tel: +43 512 50752038 Fax: +43 512 50752099
                                           Email: giovanna.temporin AT

    What about Innsbruck's weather and sky? :-)

    A view to the Nordkette A rainbow seen from my office

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