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Stefan Kimeswenger
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23.1.1964 in Wels (Upper-Austria)

married, two children

primary school:  September 1970 until July 1974; Dörnbach (Wilhering/Austria)

high school (Gymnasium): September 1974 until May 1982; 1. BRG Linz  Austria

final exams (Matura):  9. June 1982
academic career:

young student

start of studies winter term 1982/83 University Innsbruck (Austria)

1st diploma exam:  June 1985 physics (411) and astronomy (413); (summa cum laude)

2nd diploma exam: 12.6.1987 in astronomy (summa cum laude)

Sponsion: Mag. rer. nat.  27.6.1987

Starting PhD 1.7.1987 physics and astronomy, University Bochum (Germany) PhD student

Final PhD exam: Dr. rer. nat., 10.1.1990

Habilitation "Dr. habil", Astronomy 27.12.1998

Appointment: - ausserordentlicher Universitäsprofessor (associate professor) at the university of Innsbruck, 1.3.1999
- deputy head of the institute 1.12.2007 - 31.12.2011
- got offered a full professor according ยง99(3) of Austrian University Act 30.9.2011 declined February 2012
- full Professor (profesor titular) at the Universidad Católica del Norte Antofagasta / CHILE, 1.9.2013
    (still associate professor without teaching duties in Innsbruck in double affiliation)

young scientist

CoI of the DENIS sky survey project since 1992

Responsible for the DENIS - ESO VLTI special observations for the photometric IR input
        catalogue since February 2001.

Responsible for building of the new observatory (60cm telescope) in Innsbruck (1993 - 1998) and the instrument development (1996 - today)

Heading negotiation comission for in-kind projects during Austrian accesscion to ESO (2006-2009)

Heading sky modelling projects for ESO (2009-today)