University of Innsbruck 

Thurs 1st May - Fri 2nd May 2014, Claudiana, Innsbruck, Austria

The Evolution of Galaxies in the Local Universe

Obergurgl 2014


For many decades, studies of galaxy evolution in the local Universe have been driven by large-scale sky surveys conducted across multiple wavelengths, culminating most recently in wide-field imaging campaigns such as the ground-breaking SDSS (optical) and UKIDSS-LAS (NIR). We are now beginning to see the arrival of the next-generation ground-based successors to these surveys, with VST KIDS (optical) and VISTA VIKING (NIR) promising superior imaging down to fainter magnitudes across similarly large swathes of the sky. In addition, next generation programmes at existing facilities will soon begin delivering large quantities of complimentary data (e.g.; MaNGA, eBOSS, APOGEE-2). The end of this decade sees the launch of the Euclid satellite, which will once more redefine the way in which we think about galaxy structure. Beyond imaging, surveys which provide kinematical information (e.g., SAMI, CALIFA) are today providing ever increasing datasets for the community at large.

In 2014, we lie at a fascinating crossroads between old and new. This meeting is aimed at drawing together all we have learned to date on galaxy evolution in the local Universe using current generation galaxy survey data, and discussing the advancements afforded us as we begin to upgrade to emerging new datasets.

Update (5th May 2014): This meeting has now taken place. We maintain this site for reference purposes only. Thank you again to all participants for a very interesting and informative meeting. Please refer to the program page for PDF copies of all available talks.

Contact: Lee Kelvin and Francine Marleau, Institute for Astro and Particle Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria