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Papers - last update 01/2009
Visualization needs and techniques for astrophysical simulations W. Kapferer and T. Riser 2008, New Journal of Physics 10 (2008) 125008 (15pp)
On the influence of ram-pressure stripping on interacting galaxies in clusters. Kapferer, W.; Kronberger, T.; Ferrari, C.; Riser, T.; Schindler, S., 2008, MNRAS 389, 1405
The effects of ram-pressure stripping on the internal kinematics of simulated spiral galaxies. Kronberger, T.; Kapferer, W.; Unterguggenberger, S.; Schindler, S.; Ziegler, B. L., 2008, A&A 483, 783
On the influence of ram-pressure stripping on the star formation of simulated spiral galaxies.
Kronberger, T.; Kapferer, W.; Ferrari, C.; Unterguggenberger, S.; Schindler, S., 2008, A&A 481, 337
2D velocity fields of simulated interacting disc galaxies.
Kronberger, T.; Kapferer, W.; Schindler, S.; Ziegler, B. L.
, 2007. A&A 473, 761
X-ray measured metallicities of the intra-cluster medium: a good measure for the metal mass?
Kapferer, W.; Kronberger, T.; Weratschnig, J.; Schindler, S.
, 2007, A&A 472, 757
Metal enrichment of the intra-cluster medium over a Hubble time for merging and relaxed galaxy clusters.
Kapferer, W.; Kronberger, T.; Weratschnig, J.; Schindler, S.; Domainko, W.; van Kampen, E.; Kimeswenger, S.; Mair, M.; Ruffert, M., 2007, A&A 466, 813
The fate of gas in cluster galaxies: Winds and stripping.
van Kampen, Eelco; Domainko, Wilfried; Kapferer, Wolfgang; Kimeswenger, Stefan; Kronberger, Thomas; Mair, Magdalena; Moll, Rainer; Schindler, Sabine; Ruffert, Maximilian; Mangete, Otonyo; Rimes, Chris, 2007, NewAR 51, 84
Simulations of metal enrichment in galaxy clusters by AGN outflows. Moll, R.; Schindler, S.; Domainko, W.; Kapferer, W.; Mair, M.; van Kampen, E.; Kronberger, T.; Kimeswenger, S.; Ruffert, M., 2007, A&A 463, 513
Internal kinematics of modelled interacting disc galaxies.
Kronberger, T.; Kapferer, W.; Schindler, S.; Böhm, A.; Kutdemir, E.; Ziegler, B. L., 2006, A&A 458, 69
Simulations of interaction processes of galaxies with the intra-cluster medium.
Mair, M.; Kapferer, W.; Domainko, W.; Schindler, S.; van Kampen, E.; Kronberger, T.; Kimeswenger, S.; Ferrari, C.; Ruffert, M., 2005, AN 326, 503
Evolution and collision of galaxies on the GRID. Lechner, M. F. M.; Kapferer, W. E.; Schindler, S., 2005, AN 326, 500
Star formation rates and kinematics of modelled interactions galaxies. Kronberger, T.; Kapferer, W.; Schindler, S.; van Kampen, E.; Kimeswenger, S.; Mair, M.; Domainko, W.; Boehm, A.; Ziegler, B. L., 2005, AN 326, 498
Internal kinematics of isolated modelled disc galaxies. W. Kapferer, T. Kronberger, S. Schindler, A. Böhm, B. L. Ziegler, 2006, A&A 446, 847
Simulations of galactic winds and starbursts in galaxy clusters. W. Kapferer, C. Ferrari, W. Domainko, M. Mair, T. Kronberger, S. Schindler, S. Kimeswenger, E. van Kampen, D. Breitschwerdt, M. Ruffert, 2006, A&A, 447, 827
Enrichment of the ICM of galaxy clusters due to ram-pressure stripping. W. Domainko, M. Mair, W. Kapferer, E. van Kampen, T. Kronberger, S. Schindler, S. Kimeswenger, M. Ruffert, O. E. Mangete, 2006, A&A 452, 69
Metal enrichment of the intra-cluster medium: ram-pressure stripping of cluster galaxies Wilfried Domainko, Wolfgang Kapferer, Sabine Schindler, Eelco van Kampen, Stefan Kimeswenger, Magdalena Mair, Thomas Kronberger, Maximilian Ruffert and Ontonio E. Mangete , 2005, Advances in Space Research Volume 36, Issue 4 , 685
Metal enrichment and energetics of galactic winds in galaxy clusters.

Kapferer, W. , Domainko, W., Schindler, S. , Van Kampen, E. , Kimeswenger, S. , Mair, M., Kronberger, T., Breitschwerdt, D., 2005, Advances in Space Research, 36, 682

Metal Enrichment Processes in the Intra-Cluster Medium.
S. Schindler, W. Kapferer, W. Domainko, M.Mair, E. van Kampen, T. Kronberger, S. Kimeswenger, M. Ruffert, O. Mangete, D. Breitschwerdt, 2005, A&A 435, L25
Star formation rates and mass distributions in interacting galaxies.

W. Kapferer, A. Knapp, S. Schindler, S. Kimeswenger & E. van Kampen, 2005, A&A 438, 87

Feedback from Intra-Cluster Supernovae on the ICM in Cooling Flow Galaxy Clusters

Wilfried Domainko, Myriam Gitti, Sabine Schindler, and Wolfgang Kapferer, 2004, A&A 425, 21

Gas dynamic stripping and X-ray emission of cluster elliptical galaxies. Toniazzo, T., Schindler, S., 2001, MNRAS 325, 509

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