On the way from Heraklion to Chania
On the way to Omalos

Chiara & Antonella on the path to Samaria's gorges

Our descent continues...

Some fresh water every now and then... what a relief!

Antonella enjoying the place

Giovanna, Chiara, and Antonella having some rest in front of the camera :)

and here we are again
A couple of local inhabitants...

Finally approaching the gorges

A very impolite goat...

Quite crowded here
Our walk comes to an end...
... and finally the beach!
Find the fishes!

...well, these are easier to see...

Leaving by ferry-boat...
...and enjoying the landscape

The end of our Sunday's trip
Chania's waterfront

Claire complaining against my camera

And this is me... Claire's revenge...

The crowded center of Chania
Chania by night

Making good use of our free Wednesday afternoon...

Claudia running away from my camera
Sophie, Cristophe, Pierre-Alain, and Chiara: Astronomers discussing fundamental matters...
Antonella and Claudia join the discussion

Perfect place to climb for enjoying the sunset (see below)
Pierre-Alain and Christophe: two astronomers at work
The sunset after a perfect day

Even the goats appreciate the sunset!

Leaving Chania (too sad...)
On the bus to Heraklion

Watching the sunset from the bus

Heraklion: our last evening in Crete
Venetian arsenal
On the plane, before take-off
The view from the plane on our way back

Looks like a cloud... but it's an island!

Preparing to land

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